Microtunnelling is a very precise laser–guided method used for laying pipe in all types of soils, from soft and loose soils to rocky soils. This method can also be used beneath subsoil bodies of water and standing water without drainage.


Microtunnelling resembles horizontal drilling. The machine is installed on rails just like in horizontal drilling. The difference is that in microtunnelling, the rails are installed inside the tunnel created
by the system. As a result, the length the system can move,
and subsequently the length of tunnel, is greater.

Furthermore, tunnels created via microtunnelling can be much larger in diameter compared to those created by other methods.

In microtunnelling applications, the diameter of the pipe can reach 2.5 metres, and the drill pass can be around 300 meters long.

The overall length of the right–of–way that can be created with microtunnelling is practically unlimited.


machine for microtunneling


1. Directed pilot pass by laser


2. Temporary casing installation


3. Installation of the pipeline