Hydraulic tractors and bulldozers

Advantages of hydraulic earth moving equipment

It is hard to imagine operating a modern earth moving machine without the use of hydraulics. Despite the fact that hydraulic systems can operate in various climates, including arctic conditions, most types of earth moving equipment still rely on a mechanical drive, while only using hydraulics in an auxiliary role.

The use of a hydrostatic drive offers numerous advantages over the "traditional" mechanical drive.
This is especially true for small to medium sized tractors, bulldozers and pipe layers.

Described below are some of the numerous advantages that a hydraulic system presents. A Liebherr bulldozer will be used as an example in this case. (The information below pertains to all models of pipe layers and welding tractors manufactured by Liebherr):

  • The hydrostatic drive allows the tracks to be driven independently. The machine can accelerate and decelerate smoothly, forwards and in reverse. Straight travel is ensured regardless of ground conditions as the speed of both tracks is continuously adjusted.
  • The absence of a mechanical gearbox means that the machine is more reliable and requires less time and resources for maintenance.
  • Just one joystick controls all travel drive functions, giving the operator freedom to concentrate on the work at hand.

hydraulic bulldozer model 752

  • The machine's extremely low centre of gravity due to the working components integrated in the track frame (hydraulic motor and final drive) and its high ground clearance provide optimal terrain manoeuvrability.
  • A high operating availability, low RPM diesel engine drives
    the hydraulic system. Thus the system is highly efficient and maintains a high drawbar force at every speed.
  • The cooling system of the engine is specially adapted to high ambient temperatures. The cooler's extremely large distance between ribs provides for high reliability and longer periods between service intervals.
  • In addition to a high level of reliability, the engine also offers exemplary performance and it does so while achieving a low level of fuel consumption previously unattained, as well as low emissions.

hydraulic tractor Litronic 900