Trenchless Technologies

For various reasons, during the laying of pipe it is sometimes impossible to dig trenches. In order to cross barriers created by rivers, mountains, roads and railroads, trenchless technologies should be used.

Trenchless pipe laying technologies
Due to technical and technological advantages, efficiency
and insignificant damage of soil surface trenchless technologies are wide spread at present.
are recognized alternatives for open trench methods of underground construction.

drilling through the rock

Trenchless technologies are:

They offer technological advantages and reduce the impact
on the surrounding environment.

horizontal drilling

Advantages of trenchless technologies:

1. deep laying provides for reliable protection of pipelines against external mechanical damage, thus excludes, for example, a danger exposure of pipeline in case of riverbed wash–out and damage where on navigation areas;

2. limited construction site area;

3. pipe laying under forests, hydraulic structures (dikes, underwater facilities and other natural and artificial obstacles), high–ways, landing strips;

horizontal directional drilling

4. rendering unnecessary long–term and expensive trenching, diving and bank reinforcement, as well as pipeline ballasting (weights
and weighting coating);

5. season–independant construction;

6. natural landscape, bank slopes and river regime stay safe due
to exclusion of underwater, onshore, drilling–and–blasting, bank reinforcement and other ecology–damaging operations.