Engineering and technical support at all stages of the project

With every new project undertaken, Argus works with the customer to analyze as accurately and thoroughly as possible the technical, scientific, and financial aspects of the project.

Argus takes into account the specifics of the project,
the developing trends of the industry, and the long–term prospects.

The company does not only take responsibility for units of equipment sold, but for the finished product as well as the success of the project as a whole.

project planning

Argus is actively implementing the results of the vast research activity conducted together with leading industry institutes
in the West as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and other countries of the former USSR.

Together with the customer Argus develops frameworks for maintenance and preventative measures, recommending the technical tools necessary for containment, recovery and cleanup
in case of emergency situations.

demonstration of new technology
Argus views this close cooperation as the most effective way of meeting its customers' needs with the most effective, beneficial, and economical solutions. one stage of a project has been finished!

Argus Project Development Process

Analysis of the project

ideally during the design stage

and technological
study of the project

together with the Customer

Development of technical
and technological

including equipment
and materials

of technical
and commercial
viability of proposed

of equipment
and materials

Certification of equipment
and materials

for use in the countries
of the CIS

and certification
of Customer’s personal

to work with the equipment


and post warranty