All-Terrain Tractor-Trailers

The Rolligon Corp. is designing and manufacturing a long line of dependable off–road truck that can cross desert, muskeg, bogs
— even drive on water.

That's because these state–of–the–art trucks can be equipped with
large–footprint, low–pressure flotation tires that can tackle both wet and dry driving extreme.

Maneuverability is further enhanced by two–piece chassis that articulates and oscillates, enabling the vehicles to carry multi–ton loads over unstable ground with exceptional control.

Rolligon 10x10 vehicle

The all–terrain tractor–trailers are excellent for transporting pipes and equipment. Besides that, it could be configured with different accessories, including welding.

Rolligon's model 4450 vehicle is designed for light duty application requiring carrying capacities up to 1814 kg (4.000lbs).

The 4450 is full time four wheel drive (4x4) and as amphibious
with Rolligon tires also used for extremely low ground pressure applications.

Traditionally this unit has been employed as an ice road drill rig carrier and general utility vehicle. When winterized the small unit
is well suited for drilling and pumping operations for ice road construction.

Rolligon 4x4 4450 model

The 8X8 LGP model (low ground pressure, amphibious pipe “stringing” vehicle) has 16–wheel drive with standard flotation Rolligon tires.

  • cargo capacity is up to 36 tons (80,000lbs);
  • maximum speed is up to 40 km/h (25mph);
  • ground pressure with full load – 0.218kg/cm2 (3.1psi);
  • trailer length ranges from 6 to 24m;
  • three–, four–, and six– man cabins are available.

Rolligon 8x8 vehicle

Rolligon has a reputation of cold weather capabilities and has long been considered the leader in arctic transport vehicles.

Rolligon arctic rate vehicle come in a variety of size and capacities:
— small 4x4 units act as welder and general support vehicle,
— 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 units coupled with powered trailers transport tons of cargo across delicate tundra, ice roads and open terrain.

  • cargo capacity from 2 to 75 tons dependings on the unit selected.
  • temperature range — to -45°C (-50°F); special winterization equipment allows the vehicle to operate even under the most severe conditions

Rolligon 8x8 Super Brute (42,5 ton capacity)

The 14–wheel Khan model is a tractor–trailer intended for Arctic applications and can work at temperatures
as low as -65°C.


  • ground pressure is a low 0.24 kg/cm2.