Hydraulic Pipe Layers

The Litronic RL series of pipe–layers of different lifting power is developed by Liebherr and Maats companies.

pipe layer RL 22


Litronic RL 22 B (as well as RL 42 and RL 52) pipe layer is a versatile machine meeting all requirements for pipe–laying applications:

  • lifting power — up to 21.2 tons (46,700 lbs);
    (lifting power RL 42 — up to 45 tons
    lifting power RL 52 — up to 80 tons)
  • travel speed — up to 11km/h (6.8mph);
  • engine output — 97kW (132hp).


Principle Characteristics of the Litronic RL Series

1. The hydrostatic drive provides:
(for more detail, see the advantages of hydraulic drive)

  • high terrain maneuverability,
  • excellent precision steering,
  • steeples adjustable speed
  • smooth travel

pipe layers RL 52

2. The asymmetric track frame, which is equipped with extremely wide track pads on the load side

  • increases stability,
  • maintains a low ground pressure even with load (.48kg/cm2
    or 6.83psi),
  • ensures safe working conditions even on porous ditch edges.

pipe layers RL 42

3. The hydraulic drive also provides:

  • precise control and steering,
  • straight travel regardless of ground conditions precisely along the edge of the ditch,
  • ease of control,
  • smooth and precise pipe handling.

The precision and reliability of the hydraulic travel drive is continuously controlled and adjusted by the patented Litronic system.

pipe layer and pipe bending machine

4. Single joystick control for all travel drive functions, optimal visibility of the working area and optical warning devices give
the operator freedom to concentrate on the operation of the boom for precise and exact placement of the pipe.

pipe layer RL 22
with pipe–facing machine on boom

5.  The load sensing working hydraulics can also be used
to drive a welding generator or a pipe–facing component

No additional diesel engine is required.

The Litronic system allows the operator to select the main control
function and, by passing the outlet energy of the hydrostatic drive
between the pipe–layer's drive system and the welding generator,
to favor the latter, in the process ensuring the smooth operation of the welding cycle.

The pipe layer boom can be equipped as a welding tractor, adding electrical generator, compressor, welding power sources,
and hydraulic boom for cables and welding tent. Such multi–purpose vehicle has wide range of applications and received BP award
for functionality.

welding tractor,
combined with pipe layer RL 22