Internal Line-up Clamps

Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps function inside the pipe to align two pipe joints for external welding.

Roller-type actuating heads clamp and hold the pipe ends, adjustable to various wall thickness.

Self-propelled models have non-marring wheels and are capable of grades to 20о. Self-propelled models are available for pipe sizes 10” to 60” (273mm — 1524mm).

Non-powered models are available for pipe sizes 8” to 18” (219mm to 457mm).

Options include de-icers, drag brakes and wheels to suit internal coating.

internal pneumatic line-up clamp

Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps Double Jointer are designed for use with double jointers. To prevent burn through, the front actuators use copper backup shoes. Air is supplied from the double jointer's compressor. They are available for pipe sizes 16” to 60” (406mm — 1524mm).

Manual Internal Line-up Clamps use a jack-type mechanism to provide alignment and clamp. Models are designed to fit a single pipe size — 10” to 36” (273mm to 917мм) — and wall thickness.