Pipe Severing and Beveling

Precision welded piping systems are essential to successful production at power generating plants, manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants, and in countless other industries. The execution of high quality welds often requires precision weld preparation for success.

Pipe, valve, flange or fitting replacement jobs are often located in confined work areas with little clearance between the work and obstructions.

The location of the cut may be "in–line" on a length of pipe where only a machine that can split into sections
to mount around the pipe will work.

Additionally, cuts may be required where thermal cutting is not permissible.

Split Frame Clamshells — Series 600

Tri Tool OD mounted "clamshell" lathes have been developed to reliably address these problems:

  • Simultaneous In–Line Pipe Cutting & Beveling — cutting to length and weld end preparation performed at a single setup
  • Maximum Portability
  • Cold Cuttingno heat affected zone, flame or smoke; no qualified welders needed
  • Cleaner Cut
  • Small Operating Envelopeeasy setup, even in congested areas
  • Easy to Operate — require minimal skill level
  • Increased Operator Safety
  • Maximum Machining Options
  • Superior Reliability

Designed to operate in areas of tight clearances, these machines provide features that permit them to machine pipe in a wide variety of situations where no other equipment can be used.

600 Series lathes offer reduced labor and time requirements for pipe or component replacement, the perfect solution to maintenance where downtime is a critical issue.

The clamshells splits into two halves thus enabling mounting on closed loop systems.
All parts are secured to these two halves to avoid loss of parts and provide maximum ease of handling.

The clamshell is equipped with adjustable mounting pads to compensate
out–of–roundness; optional out–of–round tracking module could be provided
to speed–up mounting and alining.

After mounting, clamshells can be operated by remote control making them perfectly suited for machining operations in nuclear, underwater,
or other hazardous situations.

“Clamshell” lathe allows the machine to separate and mount around the OD of in–line pipe for strong, stable clamping

…even in places
that are highly difficult to access

Tri Tool offers 600 Series clamshells in two types — the SB and the RBL. Together, these two cover the full range of standard pipe sizes and wall thickness.