RBL Series

The RBL Series clamshells are designed
to sever and bevel 7" through 60" in–line tube and pipe.

The new 600 RBL Series split frame lathes provide the highest degree of portability for applications where lighter weight is an important advanteges.

The slim design RBL's are the perfect solution for reliable pipe cutting in tight spaces.

7" to 60" RBL Lathes

slim design for tight spaces

The RBL clamshells utilize field adjustable precision 90o–Vee–track roller bearings, preloading and stabilizing the rotating head. This setup is ideal for severing applications where maximum portability through reduced weight and size are prime considerations.

The reduced–friction bearings in the RBL design produce minimal drag so input power can be focused on the sever for faster operation.

With less required input power, most RBL machines can efficiently operate with a single drive motor. An optional second drive motor can be used to provide additional horsepower when required.

model 660RBL being used
in an I.D.mounted role for inside–out cutting

  • The RBL's lighter weight design provides quick setup and ease
    in handling.
  • Long–travel tool modules with worm drive allow smooth tool feed
    and provide a wide pipe size cutting range.
  • Mounting points for up to three tripper assemblies provide maximum allowable tool feed for different materials, reducing the required cutting time.

Tool modules and machining accessories are available for heavy–wall cutting.

The RBL fitted with accessories like the Model CBM3 Countebore Module (shown to the left) can produce a wide variety of countebore and weld prep profiles

RBL fitted with Counerbore Module