SB Series

The SB Series are designed for severing and beveling of tube and pipe from 1/4" through 48".

The large SB lathes offer the precision of the smaller SB's, with the power to cut large, heavy–wall pipe in the most demanding applications

The small SB group covering the smaller end of the pipe range. Each clamshell within this group provides specific features and benefits.

1/4" to 12" SB Lathes

12" to 48" SB Lathes

The SB Series features adjustable sliding bearings for maximum strength, providing the best solution for simultaneous severing
and beveling operations, deep counterbores, and close tolerance machining.

Sliding bearings provide maximum stability for a smooth finish, precision machining, and long tool bit life, even on the most demanding materials.

When used in harsh or contaminated environments such as offshore oil platforms or nuclear power plants, sliding bearings can be easily and economically cleaned and adjusted, maintaining consistent operating performance.

offshore application

Standard tool modules for the SB Series require minimal radial clearance, important when working where space is limited.

Optional tool modules and machining accessories are available for cutting extra heavy–wall pipe, as well as many other specialized uses.

Mounting bracket allows detouchable motor to be rotated in various positions.

bayonet mount drives
allow for mounting even in tightest spaces