Special Applications

As a precision rotating platform, the clamshell lathe can be configured to perform numerous in–place machining operations, in addition to severing and beveling, such as socket weld removal, counterboring, and single–point machining.

Model 600 Series clamshells up to 12" are used to salvage welded fittings and perform seal weld cutting between pipe and bulkheads in situations where sufficient mounting space is available.

For socket weld removal, adjustable clamp pads center the clamshell on the fitting or pipe with the tool bit positioned over the socket weld.

The auto–feed tool module feeds the tool bit radially towards
the pipe’s surface and machines the fillet weld back to the face
of the fitting, releasing the pipe.

OD Tracking Module accessory
mounted on a large SB clamshell,
compensates for out–of–round conditions
by reading the pipe shape with tracking wheel

Counterbore modules enable machining an inside wall in a pipe's open end. Because it can immediately follow a sever without machine repositioning or modification, these modules can consistently provide a uniform bore perpendicular and concentric to the cut line.

Radial feed is infinitely adjustable within each machine’s cutting range.

clamshell configured for automatic feed counteboring with reverse hydraulic drive motors

An additional feature on the larger CBM–3 counterbore module is taper boring adjustment for 0o to 30o chamfers or lead–out angles following a counterboring operation.

This option enables the clamshell to perform single–point machining which is ideal for heavy–wall applications that require a reduced chip load.

Typical uses are facing, beveling, grooving, and counterboring large diameter pipe, as well as resurfacing flange faces.

A slide assembly mounts onto the rotating headstock and provides infinitely adjustable bevel angles from 0o to 90o. The operator can select from eight feed rate settings to fit any cutting application.

example of heavy wall "J" weld preparetion
and couterboring generated by single point module mounted on a 600 RBL series lathe