Pipe Facing Machines

The Pipe Facing Machines (PFM), is used to produce a precise, consistent narrow gap bevel for the CRC–Evans Automatic Welding system.

Hydraulically operated shoes secure the PFM to the pipe end perfectly square with the pipe axis. A rotating faceplate with as many as six carbide cutters is used to machine almost any bevel configuration

Power for the PFM is supplied by a diesel engine or electric
motor–driven hydraulic power unit.

Two PFM are normally used on a major pipeline project.
Each machine is suspended by sideboom tractor or A–frame with
the power unit mounted on the tractor near the A–frame.

The pipe facing operation usually takes 2 to 5 minutes, depending
on the pipe wall thickness and the skill of the operator.

PFMs are availible for pipe diameters from 4 to 60".

one of the cutters of CRC–Evans PFM

The CRC–EVANS Advantages:

  • precision machined narrow gap bevels;
  • rapid machining time — highest production rate;
  • reduced fit–up time;
  • improved weld quality;
  • reduced weld volume.

CRC–Evans offers PFMs designed specially for heavy wall pipe applications. These machines, in standard configuration, are prepared to produce accurate bevels on pipe wall thickness up to 42mm. For even heavier pipe wall thicknesses, PFMs can be custom modified on a project by project basis.

placing the PFM inside the pipe

Power for the PFM is supplied by Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

HPU's are driven by a diesel engine for land pipelines or electric motor for laybarge or spool–based operations.

Each unit has two hydraulic pumps, a fluid reservoir and a large capacity fuel tank.

These power units can be mounted on a tractor or placed on the ground in proximity to fixed operations.

CRC–Evans Hydraulic Power Source

But if production rate is not that important, and the need exists to work with a wide range of pipe sizes,
the Model PFM1632 manufactured by Tri Tool Inc. is recommended.

Model PFM1632 is a portable ID mount machine for beveling, facing, and/or counterboring 16" through 32" pipe. The Model PFM1632 is configured with twin hydraulic motor drive powering a helical drive gear system attached to a main spindle for smooth power and better surface finish.

Advantages of PFM1632 — "Pipemaster" Heavy Duty High Speed Pipeline Beveler:

  • wide size range;
  • up to 47mm wall thickness;
  • most powerful in its class;
  • repeatable J prep tolerances to 0.1mm;
  • lifting frame has integral stand;
  • cuts in horizontal or vertical orientation.


model PFM1632

The power supply HPU7560/5 is a heavy–duty, dual–pump
(60 GPM and 5GPM), pressure compensated piston pump designed
to provide the power for the Tri Tool PFM pipe lathe.

The 5GPM pump (at 2000 psi) is for the feed and the clamping power and the 60 GPM pump is for the cutting head drive.

A low–voltage (24 Volt) pendant provides Start/Stop control at up to 50 ft. away from the power supply.The HPU 7560/5 is skid mounted for portability on the work site.

the new HPU 7560/5 Hydraulic Power Source


  • Equipment Description
    The PFM 1632 features a set of two auto–feed hydraulic cylinders with rapid and slow feed control for fast and accurate cutting head control and a large diameter mandrel shaft for increased stability during heavy cutting operations. One hydraulically actuated mandrel head with extended mounting ring assemblies with mounting pads covers the entire range of the machine. An integral lifting frame eliminates the need for separate, cumbersome stands and permits the machine to be positioned for cutting in a vertical
    or horizontal orientation.
  • Basic Pipe/Tube Size — Wall
    Most schedules of 16" to 32" pipe. Up to 1.88" (47.75 mm) wall tubing with a maximum OD of 32.00"
    (812 mm) and a minimum ID of 13.9" (353 mm)
  • Material Cutting Capabilities
    Mild steels, chrome steels (Rc 35 Max), stainless steel, copper nickel alloys and aluminum.
  • Clearances and Dimensions
    • Max rotating head dia. — 40.0" (1016 mm)
    • Length (parallel to axis of pipe) — 95" (2413 mm)


    • Avail. feed travel — 6.00" (152.4 mm)
  • Cutting head speed — 42 RPM
  • Approximate weight — 5200 LBS