Protection of Girth Weld Joints on Thermally Insulated Pipe

SuperCase CSC-X is used for the mechanical protection, thermal insulation and hermetic sealing of weld joints on pipes with factory-installed thermal insulation.

This is a system consisting of two heat-shrink polyethylene components – WC tape and a CSC-X casing which is applied to it.

The fact that the components, both the tape and the casing, are made of heat shrink materials sets SuperCase apart from other systems.

SuperCase CSC–X

Initially a urethane foam sleeve or pre-formed shell is installed on the weld joint.

The polyethylene heat shrink tape WC is then applies directly onto the urethane foam as an initial seal.

A sticky mastic adheres to the polyurethane foam and to the polyethylene coating of the pipe itself without any need to preheat the pipe surface. The coating thus applied provides long-term waterproof coating for the weld joint. The radially cross-linked polyethylene of the tape, with a 20% shrinkage factor, closely hugs the foam insulation, matching its surface profile.

The heat shrink casing CSC-X, manufactured from durable, impact-proof, high density, radially cross-linked polyethylene, provides excellent mechanical protection of the polyurethane foam. The casing has a 30% shrinkage factor, which enables it to completely replicate the surface profile of the foam.

The high strength adhesive of the casing provides one more layer of dense water proof coating for the joint.

As a rule, a separate procedure to heat shrink the tape is not required. This takes place at the same time that the heat shrinking of the outer casing is performed . The traditional requirement for heat shrink sleeves to be installed at the ends of the protective casing is dropped – SuperCase does not require these sleeves.

Bevels on the ends of the casing lessen the impact on the protected joint from the surrounding earth during longitudinal movement of the pipe. Furthermore, the casing retains its form throughout the operating period of the pipeline.

In cases where, for the mechanical protection of thermally insulated weld joints, casings from non heat shrink materials are used, the system can be hermetically sealed and reliably fixed in places using SuperSeal sleeves on the ends of the casing.

These are supplied either in pre-cut cylinders, welded in the plant, or as sleeves with pre-attached locks, cut to the required size for the pipe diameter, or in long rolls with separate fasteners.

SuperSeal sleeves,
installed on ends of casting

Canusa produces urethane foam shells (polycylinders) for any combination of sizes of pipe and casing.