NDT of Anti–Corrosion Coating

Equipment for the
non–destructive testing of coating in field and plant conditions is generally based on holiday detectors, thickness gauges and detectors, which identify disbondment of the coating or lack of adhesion.

in–plant holiday detector,
to check coating consistency


using holiday detector in the field

Holiday detectors can be used with the following types of electrodes:

rolling spring electrode

brush ring electrode

brush semi–ring electrode

flat steel
brush electrode

flat neoprene
brush electrode

flat copper brush electrode


Manual methods, as before, play an important role, especially when automatic methods are not economically viable or where individual tests are required, or in awkward locations.

Equipment for manual methods of testing takes in the full spectrum of testing and inspection – highly specialized or general use, minute (the size of a mobile phone) or large, fit–for–purpose or highly precise.

ultrasonic thickness gauge