Automatic Ultrasonic Systems for Quality Control of Weld Joints

An automated ultrasonic system for certifying welding procedures and quality control of weld joints permits:

  • an image of the defect,
  • determination of the position of the defect
    in the circumference,
  • determination of the depth of occurrence and the number
    of the weld pass in which the defect appeared,
  • determination of the geometrical size of the defect,
  • identification of the type of defect.

highly automated ultrasonic system

The image of any defect occurs during scanning of the cross–section of the joint.

In this way the system ensures a clear representation of the defect and at the same time allows the automatic rejection against previously developed acceptance criteria.

system calibration
on the right–of–way

The use of an automatic ultrasonic inspection system eases the process of development of the technology and operation of joint welding equipment.

The higher the repetition rate of the welding procedure, the more reliable the automatic inspection will become.

automatic ultrasonic bug — on the right–of–way

Overall the best results are always achieved when automatic inspection is used in conjunction with an automatic welding system.

The productivity of automatic ultrasonic inspection is increased by using the same guiding belts as those used for the welding heads.

water is used for immersion