Digital Radiography

KODAK’S digital system INDUSTREX ACR-2000 ensures a previously unobtainable quality of radiographic control from one exposure, using flexible phosphor plates instead of x-ray film. Phospor plates have a much higher sensitivity than film, so the exposure time can be significantly reduced.

The ACR-2000 system is ready to read images straight after it is turned on. For an image to be created, all that is required, is for the flexible plate to be placed on the object to be inspected, exposure takes place, the plate is scanned and the digital image is ready for inspection.

digital system INDUSTREX ACR-2000


Images are erased from the phosphor plates using inexpensive lamps. Once the image has been erased the plate is ready to be used again.

The dynamic range of the phosphor plates is ten times that of x-ray film, therefore by using the ACR-2000 system, one image can be shot as opposed to five exposures using ordinary film.

The compact size of the ACR-2000 digital system means that it is suitable for various working conditions – it can be transported in an ordinary vehicle, used in a mobile laboratory, on-board a ship or pushed through a factory on a trolley. Where internet access is available, images can be sent straightaway to any destination.

Advantages of the ACR-2000 system:

  • no need for chemical developing in the field;
  • no need to wait whilst film is developed – inspection results can be viewed within minutes;
  • no need for repeated shots of the same exposure;
  • fewer images to examine and the ability to adjust settings during examination means that a more thorough analysis is possible;
  • imaging plates can be used over and over again;
  • no need to store and use environmentally unfriendly chemicals and film.