Magnum Welding and Plasma Cutting Torches

Magnum Welding Torches

Magnum MIG and flux–cored gas–shielded guns were designed with the welder in mind.

They are lightweight and ergonomic.

The guns are air–cooled.

Magnum gas–shielded guns

Welding torches for TIG welding are designed to meet the needs
of the professional welder.

  • They are lightweight and convenient to use.
  • A flexible head for universal application and easy manoeuvrability.
  • A comfortable handle for precise control.

Both air- and water–cooled models are available.

welding torches for TIG welding

Magnum welding guns for flux–cored self–shielded wire (Innershield) welding are sturdy and reliable.

These light, manoeuvrable guns and cables have proved themselves in more than 30 years of use.

guns for Innershield welding

Magnum Plasma Tourch

Typical Plasma Cutters — Models PCT20 and PCT80.

  • safe, low–wear torches with unique Vortech technology;
  • arc firing without the use of high frequency;
  • Parts in Place system for torch protection
    — if assembly is not correct, the arc simply will not strike;
  • torches come with replaceable nozzles of various diameters
    for cutting metals of varying thicknesses and profiles;
  • The Model PCT80 is available in three formats — for manual, mechanized and robotic cutting.

plasma torch PCT80

Water Cooler

Cool–ArcTM 40 is a reliable and affordable water cooler for
water–cooled MIG, TIG, or plasma cutting applications. Available
in both 115 and 230 volt models, the Cool–Arc 40 is compatible with all Lincoln water–cooled systems including Cobramatic®
and Python® water–cooled push–pull torches.

  • Unit can be mounted and operated either horizontally
    or vertically for minimal footprint.
  • Plastic, non–corrosive, 2–gallon reservoir limits loaded
    Cool–Arc 40 weight to 60 lbs.
  • Typical pump hydraulic rating (under load) 53–57 psi,
    flow rate .45–.60gal/min.

Cool–Arc 40

For Use Above Freezing — clean tap, distilled or deionized water.

For Use Below Freezing — 50% pure ethylene glycol mixture, 50% water.

Magnum® Flow Sensor (optional) protects valuable torches, guns and robotic welding systems from damage when loss of coolant flow has occurred for any reason, such as a blocked or kinked water line or ruptured hose.

Cool–Arc 40 — inside