External Welder M300

The CRC-Evans M300 external welding system is a portable mechanized welding machine designed for a variety of applications. Based on field-proven technology, the M300, is the ideal automatic welding system where single torch welding, reliable performance, low maintenance, and versatility are important. Its flexibility makes it ideal for use on pipelines, large diameter water lines and tie-in welds — on land or offshore.

The M300 is designed for all-position, multi-pass, butt-welding
of pipe or plate metal. It is suitable for pulse gas-metal-arc,
gas-metal-arc or flux cored processes.

Its versatility allows for narrow-gap or API bevel welding.
The reliability of the M300 helps assure customer's production goals can be met. Finally, the M300’s simplicity makes it easy for operators to learn and use.

welding bug M300

The M300 includes state–of–the–art electronic control system
so that all necessary welding parameters can be programmed.
The M300's memory will store parameters up to four welding passes, a feature that allows a single machine to weld root, hot, fill or cap passes. This flexibility reduces the number of spare machines and parts required for a project.

Control system of the M300 is password–protected, so that welding parameters such as such as voltage, wire feed speed, torch oscillation, shielding gas flow, lip dwell could be accessed and modified only by certified technitions.

 pipe welding using M300

Precise control of welding parameters is maintained by an on–board microprocessor. Interactive limits on welding procedure variables assure "in spec" weld every time. These limits help avoiding such combinations of parameters that render to excessive heating.

Control system also compensates for variations of welding cable resistance.

Control block outputs all critical welding data to LCD panel, i.e. pass number, travel speed, wire feed speed, torch oscillation, arc voltage.

Data storage and output features allow real–time weld data to be printed
on–site or downloaded to portable computer.

The M300 could be controlled trough the remote control pendant allowing
for programming all welding parameters and performing welds themselves.


remote control pendant