Dual–Torch P600

The P600 dual torch welding head is the latest CRC–Evans development. It is recommended as the most highly effective automatic welding system available today, when welding productivity is paramount — it provides for higher productivity within a single pass and a substantial increase in weld speed owing to the use of a twin arc system.

  • Offshore productivity is increased because two–arc welding maximizes the number of production welds possible from a given number of stations. This permit laybarges to attain higher production rates and highest weld quality.
  • On land, the P600's speed and flexibility allows to meet production goals with fewer welding station. This results in less required equipment and more efficient pipe gangs.

Designed for Pulsed GMAW and suitable for GMAW, the P600 package includes travel carrige, wire feeder, computer control and welding head.
It interfaces easily with most constant voltage welding power soucers, including the newest inverters.


P600 dual torch welding bug
mounted on a pipe

The P600 external welder is microprocessor controlled and powered by advanced software.

Both welding torches could be controlled independently and simultaneously. Futher control optimization and welding quality increase is achieved through flexible switching of master–slave functions between torches.

Welding parameters input is accomlished through special touch screen display.

Computerized control system is located on a separate console forming a single block with the touch screen sensor display.

 touch screen console

Welding parameters are password protected so that they could be modified only within limits given during the process of certifying the welding procedure.

Special plastic cards are also very convinient for programming and data storage.

The P600 (as well M300) could be controlled trough the remote control pendant allowing for programming all welding parameters and performing welds themselves.


In order to decrease the weld head's weight, the wire feeder and two spools of welding wire, each weighing 13.6 kg, are located off the welding heads, beside the control computer.

P600 includes an automatic system for tracking the weld axis and the electrode protrusion. Each of the two welding torches contains a built–in water cooling system.

The only task to be performed while welding by human operator
is controlling torch oscillations amplitude.

P600 is availible as P600D dual–torch and P600S single–torch.

wire feeder with two spools of welding wire

Features and Benefits P600 Welding System:

  • Dual–torch welding
    — fewer weld station required;
  • Incresed deposition rate
    — higher production rate;
  • Through–the arc tracking
    — lower repair rate;
  • "Smart-Card" programming
    — fast data loading;
  • Touch screen console
    — ease of operations;

P600 at 12 o'clock

  • Digital control
    — precise power supply interface;
  • Onboard data collection
    — QA/QC programs;
  • Part redundancy
    — reduced inventory cost;
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
    — less rhysical strain on workers.

P600 at 6 o'clock