Welding Consumables

The list of consumables presented below is only a small fraction of those available, and is mostly intended for pipeline welding needs. Inquiries regarding other consumables, such as for welding cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium, build–up and hardfacing, submerged arc, cut–length consumables, should be directed to Argus' representative offices.

Here are shown:

Various types of Stick Electrodes, in particular

  • Cellulose Covered Stick Electrodes
  • Basic Electrodes

hermetically sealed easy–open
cans of stick electrodes

Welding Wire of various diameters

  • Solid Wire (MIG),
  • Flux–cored Wire (FCAW)
    — Gas Shielded (Outershield)
    — Self–Shielded Wire (Innershield)

…available in a variety of packaging


Flux + Wire Systems

flux and wire for sub–arc welding