Hard Facing and Build Up

Hard facing and build up are economical and reliable methods of prolonging the service life of earth–moving
and mining equipment, as well as rolling mills and many other kinds of equipment.

Metal surfaces that can be restored include:

  • parts subject to metal–to–metal friction,
  • parts subject to metal to soil stress,
  • parts subject to highly abrasive wear,
  • parts that accommodate repeated impact,
  • parts that are subject to both abrasive wear and impact.

hard facing of excavator bucket

For each of the types of wear indicated, there is a full array of special materials. These materials may be classified as follows:

  • materials to restore a part's shape,
  • materials to restore surface properties of a part.

Hard facing and build up operations are performed with

  • stick electrodes,
  • flux–cored wire,
  • and submerged arc welding consumables.

The use of proper materials guarantees high quality and efficiency.

The restored parts, depending on the materials used for their restoration, may be subjected to heat treatment, tempering, annealing, can contain austenites and martensites, can work in high temperature and corrosive environments.

In those cases when the shape of the object to be welded permits, it is recommended to employ submerged arc welding. A wide range of welding wire, strips, and films has been developed, which significantly improve productivity and simplify finishing operations.