Welding in Pipe Manufacturing

Great progress has been achieved in the area of automatic welding of longitudinal and spiral welded pipes.

Primarily, this has to do with the flux–wire combination developed by Lincoln Electric and multi–arc welding bugs manufactured by Lincoln Electric subsidery Uhrhan&Schwill GmbH.

Contemporary welding consumables of this type guarantee consistently
high–quality joints and their compliance with the tough requirements
of high–pressure pipes, including those for extreme climactic conditions.

longitudinal pipe welding
using multi–arc machine

The development of this flux–wire technology was stimulated by the need to solve complicated metallurgical tasks of supporting multi–arc technologies. Up to six arcs in one pool are used for welding a joint:
 — in one pass — in the case of spiral–welded pipes
 — in two passes — in the case of longitudinal pipes being welded on two sides – both internally and externally.

pipe welding
using internal multi–arc assembly

The difficult and laborious task of welding pipe components (elbows, flanges, valves etc.) can also be easily automated today due to perfected robots, computerized welding heads, specialized technologies, and of course, suitable welding consumables.

external multi–arc assembly for pipe welding