Welding Equipment (Brief Overview)

In this section we review the small subset of available welding equipment. For more information please contact Argus.

This equipment includes:

Welding power source, including

  • welding transformers (AC series)
  • welding rectifiers (Idealarc series),
  • invertors — welding power sources based on high frequency transformers (Invertec series),
  • welding power sources based on high–frequency transformers with controllable welding current wave form
    (STT and PowerWave),
  • Welding Systems — are autonomous devices with their own internal combustion engine and generator,
  • Plasma Cutting Power Source

welding power sources

Wire feeders

Wire Feeders for Submerged Arc Welding

wire feeders

Self-Propelled Welding Head Tractors for Submerged Arc Welding

automatic wire feeder, track model LT–7


Plasma Cutting Systems


Welding Consumables


Welding Accessories and Auxilary equipment



welding accessories

Fume Extractors

Mobiflex–200M fume extractor