Welding Power Supplies for Manual Arc Welding with Coated Electrodes

Idealarc R3R 500–I, Idealarc R3R 600–I — these are welding power supply fully protected from all weather conditions, including contact with salt water.

  • The frame is build to IP–23 standards.
  • The Arc Force Control function enables the welder to adjust the arc, from a soft to a forceful driving arc, making this unit ideally suited for manual welding, also the root pass in stainless steel pipe.
  • Organically coated electrodes will not freeze.
  • Soft arc makes it easy to weld with a variety of electrodes, especially recommended for low–hydrogen electrodes.

welding power source
Idealarc R3R–500

Invertec V250–S — this is an inverter–based constant current stick (SMAW) and DC TIG (GTAW) welding power source.

  • Inverter technology provides a completely portable and lightweight power source which weighs less than 36 lbs (16.4 kg).
  • A three position mode switch can produce a soft or crisp stick welding arc
    and a TIG arc, optimised for touch start TIG welding.
  • The touch start design permits the TIG welding arc to be established without high–frequency starting techniques.
  • In all welding modes, the unit may be controlled remotely and the arc can be set precisely to suit the welding application when stick welding, due to the arc starting and arc force control.
  • Variable hot start control produces a gentle start for thin gauge material
    or open gap weldments, or a more powerful start for positive penetration
    on critical weldments or dirty/rusty steel.

welding power source
Invertec V250–S