Self-Propelled Welding Head Tractors for Submerged Arc Welding

LT–7 — this is a self–propelled mechanized DC wire feeder for automatic submerged arc welding.

Its main area of operation is performing long horizontal welds with solid and flux–cored wire.

  • The system can be set onto guide rails and travel along them with the aid of a direct current drive.
  • Both CC and CV welding can be carried out with welding current up to 1000A.
  • The built–in control system provides for a precise adherence
    to welding procedures.

LT–56 (tandem arc tractor) — this differs from the previous model by virtue of its two welding heads, one of which is driven by
a DC–1500 type power source, and the other by an AC–1200.

Maximum weld current is 1500A.

LT–7 model