Waveform Controlled Power Sources

Invertec STT II — this is a welding power source intended for STT technology welding with various consumables, including solid and flux-cored wire, as well as welding mild and stainless steels, nickel alloys
and silicon bronze.

  • Welding is performed with shielding gas (CO2 and various mixtures).
  • The unit is designed for semi–automatic and automatic welding with welding heads and manipulators.
  • The use of STT technology lowers the requirements for joint assembly and aids easy weld repair.
  • The system provides for independent control of the current and the wire feed rate.
    The arc start control guarantees no defects in the beginning of each pass.

welding power source STT II

Power Wave 455/STT — a synergistic welding system.

The Power Wave 455/STT programmable power source is the most versatile power source available today.
It allows the welder to work with Stick, TIG, MIG, STT, Pulsed MIG, and Flux–Cored processes.

  • The unit's control system allows for setting the desired waveform and voltage (from basic CV to pulse) imitating any other power source and welding processes.
  • A readily available library of software modules enable the welder to indicate the type of welding, material and its thickness so that the system is able to set welding parameters automatically.
  • In STT mode, the upper limit of the welding current is 325A, in all others,
    it is 570A. The welder, operating one power source, can make use of all the advantages of the STT process (including welding the root pass) and then perform the fill and cap passes using a traditional welding procedure with solid or flux–cored wire.
  • The synergistic control system enables the welder to weld with wire, setting only the feed speed. To control the welding parameters precisely,
    a potentiometer would be used in this setting.

welding power source
Power Wave 455/STT shown with
Power Feed 10 Dual wire feeder

  • The ability to set welding current and voltage values remains.
  • All welding parameters may be blocked so that the operator can make changes only within
    a pre–determined range.
  • The unit is modular in construction. Adding extra modules, such as memory for two welding procedures and
    a control panel for STT and pulse welding, only takes five minutes and the use of a single screwdriver.