Welding Systems

Welding Systems — are autonomous devices with their own internal combustion engine and generator, which is, in fact, the welding power source.

Shield–Arc SAE–400 — this is a heavy–duty, tried and tested welder.
Shield–Arc power sources have an unmatched reputation among pipeliners
and other field welders on demanding jobs.

  • Perkins 4–cylinder, water cooled industrial diesel engine offers low maintenance and long life.
  • 400 Amp DC Arc Welding, 3,000 watts of AC power.
  • Rugged construction maintains alignment during rough field handling, protecting internal parts.
  • All day welding with 22.5 gallon fuel capacity. Lead plated tank
    for corrosion resistance.
  • The unit is intended primarily for stick welding.

The recommended wire feeders are:

LN–23P, LN–25, and LN–25 with contactor and gas solenoid.

Shield–Arc SAE–400

Commander 300, Commander 500 (water) — these are universal welding systems with diesel engines enabling control of the welding arc through the use of Chopper Technology™.

The Commander 500 is offered in two engine options: air– or water–cooled.

The power supplies are equipped with:

  • separate settings for general purpose and manual stick pipe welding, TIG welding and semi–automatic welding,
  • remote control connection socket.

Commander 300

The control panel of these units has sockets for electrical supply
of external devices with a total capacity of up to 12 kW
(Commander 500).

The recommended wire feeders are:

LN–7, LN–8, LN–23P, LN–25, LN–742 (with an additional 42V power supply).

Commander 500