Wire Feeders

LN–7GMA — this is a reliable stationary unit, which prevents the wire from jamming in the feed mechanism. It is used with flux–cored and solid wire
with gas.

  • Completely enclosed case protects the heavy duty wire drive mechanism from damage, but allows easy access to drive rolls.
  • Control of wire feed speed and welding current enable clean, positive starts.

wire feeder LN–7GMA

LN–742 — This is a stationary unit for semi–automatic welding with solid or
flux–cored wire. Engine feed of 42V increases the safety features of this device.

Otherwise, the unit is similar to the LN–7GMA.

LN–23P — this is a lightweight, portable wire feeder for semi–automatic pipeline welding using Innershield flux–cored wire.

  • A gun–mounted two–position switch allows reduction in speed to 83%
    of the preset speed.
  • The unit operates with standard 6.3 kg wire spools.
  • The unit's overall weight, with gun, cable and 14lb (6.3kg) coil of wire,
    is less than 50lbs (23 kg).

wire feeder LN–23

LN–25, LN–27 — these are mobile wire feeders for semi–automatic welding which display maximum versatility and portability.

  • They can be used in combination with most welding power supplies.
  • There is no need to use control cables – once the weld cable is connected
    & the welding clip is attached, the unit is ready to go.
  • The lightweight, impact-resistant, flame resistant case reliably protects both the wire feeder and the wire spool.

The LN–27 is supplied with a socket for connecting European–type torches.

wire feeder LN–25

PowerFeed 10 — this unit is remarkably flexible and easy to use.
The control box can be placed anywhere – near the work piece or on top
of the power source.

The unit is designed to operate with the Power Wave 455/STT.

PowerFeed 10 Dual — this unit differs from the previous one by virtue of its two reels, enabling the welder to switch in an instant from welding with one type of wire to welding with another.

It is also designed to be used with the Power Wave 455/STT.

wire feeder PowerFeed 10

DH–10 — this wire feeder is equipped with dual reels that enable
the welder to easily switch between two different wire types.

It is designed for use with universal welding power supplies and power sources for semi–automatic welding.

wire feeder DH–10

STT–10 — this is a stationary wire feeder especially designed for use with the STT II power source.

  • Microprocessor controls make it easy to develop optimal procedures and set the range of operator adjustments.
  • Takes an active role in controlling the power source
    with a dual procedure control that can increase or decrease the energy in the arc without changing the wire feed speed.
  • Modular design allows many mounting options.
  • Four step trigger for simplifying long welds and hard automation.

welding with STT II/STT–10 combination