Repair sleeves

WrapMaster repair sleeves.

New Generation PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ composite sleeves not only comply with the requirements of the major standards governing pipeline composite material repairs (ASME PCC-2, ISO 24817, CSA and DOT), but also greatly exceed them in a number of waysThese sleeves restore the original strength of the high-pressure pipelines and place NO RESTRICTIONS on pipeline operating pressure.

Thousands of sleeves have been installed worldwide on pipelines of various diameterstypes and operating pressures and have been operating for many years without a single defect.

PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ sleeves are used for the repair of:


  • External defects in the pipe surface up to 80% wall loss
  • Defects in or near the girth weld using just one WeldWrap sleeve (for sake of comparison  - other solutions require the use of three sleeves).
  • Cracked areas in the pipe body – if the crack can be ground out.
  •  Dents in the pipe body, dents in the seam welds, dents in the girth weld.
  • Gouges--provided they have been thoroughly cleaned to give them a smooth profile.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Piping.
  • Corrosion at Pipe Supports.
  • Defects in the line’s inner surface as a temporary repair.
The cost-effectivness of this method as a whole is exeptional due to the fact that repairs are carried out without stopping or restricting pipeline flow, no addtional equipment is required and repair work is performed right in ditch.


Pipe to be reaired with PermaWrap™ sleeve 

These sleeves are the most advanced recovery method of bearing capacity of pipelines of any diameter. This is the most common method because of its ease of implementation and highest reliability.

The PermaWrap System is an 8-layer rigid composite sleeving system designed for the structural reinforcement of blunt defects up to 80% wall loss.


The WeldWrap System is a single unit 10-layer rigid composite sleeving system designed specifically for defects in or near the girth weld. The first two layers are pre-cut to fit a typical girth weld.

PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ have a number of advantages in comparison with other standard systems:

1. Both PermaWrap™ and WeldWrap™ systems are the only composite systems designed to be magnetically detectable by intelligent pigs-  MFL  tools, eliminating any post identification method or procedure. This feature alone has saved pipeline operators thousands of dollars each year in unnecessary excavations.

Inside each layer of the composite, an extremely fine ferrous metal cloth is sandwiched between 2-layers of bi-axial fiber cloth.


   Other manufacturers offer a composite sleeve which requires the use of special markers for identification purposes. Such methods are not sufficiently reliable and, in any event, are often overlooked during inspection. 


View of the repaired pipeline section with PermaWrap™ sleeve. The pictureon the left shows  clearly visible repaired defectsand the bordering defects beyond the edges of the sleeve that can be easily missed when using other sleeves or markers.


2.  Patented Diamond Grip embossing technology provides a mechanical locking system allowing the individual layers of the wrap to nest within each other even on an incline or in the vertical position. This feature virtually eliminates telescoping during installation.

3. Sleeves feature unidirectional, parallel, load-bearing fibers that are held together by cross-linking, which preventslongitudinal cracking of the sleeve during transportation, installation and operation.


4. The PermaWrap™ system is available in various widths (6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 inches) in diameters from 4 to 60-inch. This enables the operator to only purchase the required materials based on the dimensions of the defect.

5.  The WeldWrap™ system is highly cost–effective due to the fact that repair is carried out   without decommissioning the pipeline, does not require additional equipment, and is done directly in the ditch. Only 1 sleeve per repair is used compared to 3 in competitors’ sleeves.

Both systems have been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to meet and/orexceed the requirements of ASME, ISO DOT and CSA.  In addition,  long-term field trials were heldPermaWrap ™ and WeldWrap ™ demonstrated THE LOWEST LEVEL OF MICROSTRAIN at the bottom of the repaired defect, which is one of the main indicators that determine the reliability and durability of the repair.

Below is a comparison matrix showing the raw materials used in the construction of standard Clock Sprint type polymer resin composites in comparison to the materials used in the PermaWrap “Next Generation” Composites.

Standart Composites PermaWrap™ Next Generation Composite 
1. Polymer resin 1. Polymer resin
2. Fiber-reinforcing agent 2. Custom manufactured fiber-reinforcing agent

3. The roving fibers used to provide strength in standard composites. 3. WrapMaster's custom manufactured bi-axial cloth used in the construction of the PermaWrap™ reinfocement system
  A closer look at the materials structure
Standart Composites PermaWrap™ Next Generation Composite
Inside a standard composite, reinforcing fibers are far from being parallel and equidistant providing an inconsistent load transfer.  Inside a PermaWrap composite system, the bi-axial reinforcing fibers are as close to parallel and equidistant as possible, providing a more consistent load transfer.

The PermaWrap and WeldWrap Kits consist of:

  1. Composite Sleeve. A patented, high tensile strength rigid unidirectional polyester-fiberglass composite sleeve with Diamond Lock Technology which is magnetically detectable by pigs.
  2. Perma Grip Adhesive. A patented, fast–curing, high–performance two–part proprietary adhesive system.
  3. Perma Putty. An extremely high compressive strength, proprietary load transferring filler, which creates an instantaneous load transfer path from the pipe to the composite sleeve.
  4. Application Tool Kit. An installation accessory kit for the proper installation of the system.


Once installed, the three elements bond together to form an extraordinarily strong, durable repair.

Examples of the repairs


Other WrapMaster products for low–pressure pipelines. This technology can be used for the repair of flaws and other through–wall defects:
PermaGlass ST™ - is for the repair of low pressure pipe wall defects associated with corrosion and/or blunt external wall loss. It uses a superior laminate construction with proven materials to form a high tensile strength fiberglass wrap for the structural reinforcement of internal and external defects to piping. It uses a two-part proprietary non-hazmat solvent free epoxy adhesive to bond the material to the pipe surface and to each composite layer to form a monolithic structure.
Used in repairs:

Corrosion Defects, both internal and external
Blunt Dents and Gouges
Bends, Elbows and Tees
Leaking defects as a temporary repair 
Corrosion at Pipe Supports
Vertical & Horizontal Piping
Marine Coating
Applies and cures underwater

™ - is a quick 5-minute leak repair system for low-pressure repairs (up to 450 psi) and pipe reinforcement. It cures in 30 minutes. The Plug-n-Wrap Kit is composed of a flexible fiberglass mesh material impregnated with water activated polyurethane resin. The tape will react with the humidity in the air but should be activated with a water supply (fresh or salt water). After application and total cure, a rigid case-like monolithic sheath is produced. The Plug-n-Wrap is non-toxic and acceptable for potable water lines.