Pipe Bending Machines

The prototype for all pipe–handling equipment (including rigging equipment) has been the design
of the CRC–EVANS company, later imitated by all other manufacturers in one way or another.

CRC–Evans' sixty years plus of experience in thousands of kilometers of right–of–ways all over the world have made the company
a standard in the industry.

Others are measured against this standard in technical expertise, and the deciding criteria are, of course, productivity, quality,
and cost.

hydraulic mandrel
for pipe bending machine

The Centurion line – a new generation of extra–powerful,
mobile pipe bending machines for bending coated pipe, allowing:

  • speeding up bending by 80%,
  • work with pipe with thicker walls.

pipe bending machine

Special reinforced pipe bending machines for pipes up to 60” (1524mm) in diameter and up to 45mm thick walls helped implement projects such as Yamal–Europe and Blue Stream.

pipe bending machine