Tools for Pipe-handling

Vacuum pipe hoist — this convenient pipe handling can be based on a crane or excavator.

Vacuum systems eliminate the need for traditional handling equipment, such as towels, slings, chains, harness hooks, belts etc. In fact, they can all be replaced with suction cups.

vacuum system mounted on an excavator

Vlentec hoists represent a complete system. Onboard power is supplied by a small diesel engine mounted on a hoist boom with a vacuum pump and transmission.

The system is operated by a wireless remote control unit.

In most cases, the hoists are mounted on hydraulic excavators. Thus the kit includes an adaptor and a hydraulic rotation mechanism. With this set of equipment the majority of pipe-handling work can be performed by one operator.

Contrary to widespread belief, failure of the vacuum pump or transmission does not cause the pipe to drop suddenly.

When the vacuum in the reservoir of the boom falls below a set level, a visual and aural warning is sounded. However, the lift continues to support the pipe reliably, as there is enough reserve built into the lifting strength to complete a guided lowering of the load.


  • Pipe-handling work is carried out more quickly and with fewer people, reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Less damage to pipe, coating and pipe ends as only rubber suction cups are in actual contact with the pipe.
  • The lifting effect is spread over the surface of the suction cups so there is no spot burden — this is especially important for the prevention of damage to pipe with internal concrete coating.
  • An excavator can be equipped for pipe-lifting. Later this unit can be returned to its original purpose, cutting back on the number of pieces of heavy equipment on site.
  • Pipe can be stacked without separators.
  • Vacuum hoists work with practically any type of pipe – steel, PVC or cement.
  • This technology can be applied to any pipe diameter from 100mm (4”). There is no upper limit on diameter.
  • Range of hoists — from very light to super powerful; lifting capacity from 4,400kg to 15,000kg.

model SC 44

model SC 63

model SC 150

RoliTM Cradles are used for lifting and moving strung pipe joints. They provide uniform lift and support of the pipe.

Rollers are made from polyurethane, so as not to damage the pipe.

Other features include anti-friction bearings and mounting on rugged, durable cables.

These cradles can be used for working with pipe up to 1524mm diameter.

Roli Cradles