X–ray Films and Papers

Kodak x–ray films are coated with a special optically transparent emulsion, which prevents the formation of electrostatic discharge, traces of which can irreversibly ruin the image on the film.

Kodak films are durable, and remain flat at all stages of processing.

Kodak Pb Contactpack x–ray film

X–ray films in roll format, packaged between two lead screens (Leadpack Rolls) are convenient to use and provide a guaranteed quality of image.

Rolls come in 100m lengths with widths of 60, 70, 100mm available.

The results are easier to read, as there are no extraneous materials between the film and the lead screens.


aircraft inspection
using Kodak Leadpack Rolls

In extremely sensitive cases, vacuum packed formatted films can be used (Pb Contactpack).

The same system of screens is used in this type of packaging
as in Leadpack. The film, sandwiched between two leads screens,
is thermally sealed in a multi–layered envelope, which is impervious
to water, oil and air.

Vacuum packing guarantees excellent contact between the film
and the screens.

inspection of girth weld through two walls
Kodak Pb Contactpack x–ray film

When high volume, low cost NDT screening is needed, it is possible to use X–ray papers Kodak Industrex 620 and Kodak Industrex 700.

The processing time for 620 and 700 paper is 10 seconds and the sensitivity is 5–10 times higher than that of the Kodak film Industrex AA400.

The resulting radiogram can be read without a film viewer, enabling comparison of the image of the object with the object itself.

This property of the paper allows for monitoring of the weld passes, which is very important during the development of a welding procedure.

Kodak x–ray films