Protective Clothing for the Welder

Masks and helmets


protective glasses with flip-down filters

light-duty protective masks

heavy-duty protective mask

helmet with flip-down filter

helmet with auto-darkening protective filter


Ultrashade professional auto–darkening helmets provide a more convenient lower fatigue working environment
for professional welders.

  • viewing glass darkens automatically in less than a millisecond when an arc is struck;
  • protective optics consist of four glued together components (glass–LCD–LCD–glass) and protect the entire field of vision from UV radiation and heat emissions even when fully transparent;
  • the glass is sensitive enough not to react to operations at adjacent weld stations or local light level;
  • automatic shade cartridges improve efficiency and precision with the highest level of safety;
  • user–friendly design combined with precision optics and hightech electronics enables top quality welding performance;
  • adjustable settings for maximum personal comfort in all working positions.

The masks are powered by solar batteries and can operate in temperatures from -10 to +70oC and offer protection according to IP67.

The older model Platinum UltraShade has a potentiometer controlled darkening and a two–position switch
to turn off the darkening effect.

The SilverPlus Model has a two–position darkness level switch.

Protective clothing for the welder

Overalls, jackets and gloves provide protection
from welding spatter and sparks.



protective jacket