Welding in Tank Farm Construction

No tank farm construction project should be considered today without the use of specialized automatic welding equipment. Automatic welding allows a significant increase in construction quality and production rates, as well as lowering costs.

Different automatic and semi–automatic welding technologies are employed depending on the specifics of the project.

  • For welding the vertical seams of storage tanks: automatic welders
    are used with flux–cored self–shielded wire. These welding heads include the same heads as those used for the girth weld in pipeline construction in the field.
  • For welding the top and bottom of the storage tank: automatic
    or semiautomatic flux–cored welding is used. Often flux–cored wires are used for working with shielding gas, however this requires erecting special screens.

vertical seam welding


If the project budget does not allow the use of automatic welding, the Lincoln Multi–Weld system becomes
a good alternative. This system can distribute welding current from one source to several workplaces.