Welding Carriage BUG ­GY ­VERT

  •  The BUG-GY-VERT is a portable battery powered 4-wheel drive welding carriage with or without torch oscillation.
  •  Strong permanent magnets hold the machine on the workpiece allowing it to travel on vertical or oblique work surfaces. Guide wheels on the BUG-GY-VERT automatically track the torch in the fillet joint.
  • The BUG-GY-VERT is compact, lightweight and easy to position.
  •  It will accommodate most hand held welding guns.
  •  Supplies with rechargeable battery battery charger. .

Bug GY Vert

By providing consistent travel speed the BUG-GY-VERT can increase the productivity and the quality of welding applications in many areas of steel fabrication or shipbuilding.