Fume Extractors

Welding fumes are created both in large enclosed premises with a large number of workstations, as well as in small shops. They are harmful to the health of the operating personnel, the environment, and they interfere with visibility in the weld area thereby decreasing the quality of the weld joint. Fume extractors are an excellent solution to these problems.

Low–Vacuum Fume Extractors

Mobiflex — this is a line of low–vacuum fume extractors combining superior performance characteristics and best value.

Mobiflex 200–M provides mobile fume extraction with either a 2m or 3m (10ft or 13ft) long, 203mm diameter spring balanced extraction arm.

Thermoplastic fume extraction arms made of a unique, rugged, durable, dent–resistant material which allows
the arm to be moved easily.

Mobiflex 200–M draws air through the self–cleaning fan and spark arrestor at 20.8 m3/min (735CFM).

Welding fumes are captured by the unique LongLife filter. Particulate is collected on the inside of the cartridge, rather than the outside, keeping hands and air clean during filter maintenance.

Lincoln’s 50m2 (472ft2) LongLife cartridge is more than twice the size of the leading competitor. Filtration efficiency is 99.8%.

Along with ExtraCoat surface treatment and 3–dimensional pleating, this generous size provides longer life than other disposable cartridge systems.

…welding fumes are extracted fully

The Mobiflex 200–M also features a filter maintenance indicator. This indicator changes gradually from white
to red as the filter becomes saturated with welding fume. This shows ahead of time how close the filter
is to clogging.

The system may be equipped with an automatic start–stop arc sensor, which detects arc flash to start and stop the fan.

This fume extractor is recommended for use where the annual electrode consumption amounts to less than
680 kg (1500lbs) per station (450 kg (1100 lbs) for stick electrodes and flux–cored wire).

A portable fume extractor, the Mobiflex 100–MF is available, as well as the Mobiflex 400–MS which comes with an automatic filter cleaning system.

LFA 3.1 (3 m (10ft) length), LFA 4.1 (4 m (13ft)
— are thermoplastic fume extraction arms made of a unique, rugged, durable, dent–resistant material which allows the arm to be moved easily, but holds in place once positioned.

  • The arms may be combined with either a Mobiflex or a wall mounted system.
  • They may be equipped with an optional work lamp with lamp and hood mounted switches for both lamp and fan, as well as an automatic start/stop arc sensor.
  • They have a 360o rotatable hood.

…extraction arms offer easy positioning,
but hold tight in place

LTA 2.0 — is a telescopic fume extraction arm.

It retracts and extends from 91 to 137 cm (3ft to 4.5ft), and pivots up to 45o.

  • The arm comes with a wall mounting bracket.
  • The system can also be equipped with a lamp, a motor fan and an automatic start/stop arc sensor.

High Vacuum Fume Extractors

X–Tractor 1G, X–Tractor 1GC, X–Tractor 2G, X–Tractor 4G — are high–vacuum fume extractors ranging from portable to stationary models serving four workplaces.

These welding fume extractors are equipped with:

  • eusable filters,
  • filter cleaning systems (including automatic),
  • automatic start/stop arc sensors.

Centralized Fume Extraction SystemsX–Tractor 12,
X–Tractor 15, X–Tractor 32, X–Tractor 52 — are high–vacuum systems capable of handling up to 52 welding stations, featuring:

  • a unique automated filter cleaning system,
  • small size and low air consumption (from 1.7 to 2.8 m3/min (59CFM to 99CFM) for each workstation),
  • a flat performance curve – production capacity of the ventilation system is in direct proportion to the number of operating weld arcs.

Routing is achieved with smaller diameter arms and ducts.

centralized fume extraction system